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May 8, 2007 • Fashion


Jeffrey Sebelia & Lauren Dimet

Granted, he was wearing more eye-makeup than I was…but Season 3 Project Runway winner, Jeffrey Sebelia is rather cute in person. Much more so than he looked on television. He was in town last Friday for the soft-opening of the new boutique Bonnie & Clyde’s in Bucktown which will be the exclusive retailer of the line in Chicago.

I had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Jeffrey one-on-one. OK, actually I bombarded him with questions and wound of shooting the s**t with him as well.

SCS: Are you really the asshole they portrayed you to be on Project Runway?
JS: Yeah! (said with a big grin)

SCS: Any stories you can share that we didn’t see on TV?
JS: Actually, I had a few eerie preminitions. I had a dream the night Robert Best was eliminated. In it he (Robert Best) told me he had a secret to tell me and had me follow him to a chalk board. He said he knew where we were going for our next challenge. He wrote on the board "Champs-Élysées." When I woke up I told everyone we were going to Paris. I was right.

Another weird experience was during the recycling challenge. While I was digging through the bins I found a copy of the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which is  one of my favorites. I was thumbing through it and found a Post-It that had "Jeff" written on it. I didn’t win that challenge, but I did win in the end.

The party poured onto the street at Bonnie & Clyde’s.

SCS: Which challenge did you lose that you thought you should have won?
JS: That one. The recycling one.
SCS: Agreed. I loved that belt! (OK, I admit I am a loser who loves the show.)

SCS: What was your favorite design?
JS: My couture dress in Paris. I won on the way to and in Paris. That meant a lot to me.

SCS: I heard Project Runway had a hard time finding contestants for the next season in L.A., what do you think about that?
JS: Every season the bar gets raised a little more. Actors would show up for casting in L.A. pretending to be designers ("Sure I can make a hat out of cornbread.") and since it has become clear you need some talent, I guess they didn’t show up this round.

Img_0391_2 Cosa Nostra on display

SCS: Would you do another reality show?
JS: If it was fashion related, sure. Television is an incredible outlet for advertising and I was able to take advantage of it for no money.

SCS: Has Project Runway hurt your street cred?
JS: (said with a laugh) I’ve been trying to shake my street cred for 10 years! All I care about is that what I make, sells.

SCS: Where is design going? What do you think of how the Internet is changing people’s relationships with fashion?
I’m not sure other than being able to view fashion online. Possibly people will have the ability to design their own clothes. The Internet has made fashion more accessible, has given it more exposure and has been a great advertising tool.

SCS: What do you think of the celebrity/designer thing?
JS: I think it’s terrible. It’s all just marketing anyways.


SCS: What do you think of the green movement that’s become big in the industry?
I love it. If I can figure out how to use sustainable materials I would
be an asshole not to. Besides, there is no such thing as a bad textile,
just bad designers.

SCS: Is fashion an art or an industry?
JS: Both. To quote Frank Zappa, "art is making something out of nothing and selling it."

SCS: Are you a sell out?
JS: Yeah. I want to feed my family so I guess I am.

SCS: Will we see you on QVC?
JS: Sure, why not?

SCS: Who is the best designer right now?
JS: Oscar de la Renta & Cynthia Vincent

SCS: Who is the worst designer?
JS: Roberto Cavalli

SCS: Who will never wear one of your designs?
JS: George Bush

SCS: Who do you wish would?
JS: Kate Moss

SCS: What is your biggest fear in regards to your own future in designing?
JS: That I make something that I think is amazing and it turns out to be the equivalent of the fanny pack.

I didn’t think he was an asshole at all. I found Jeffrey to be a very laid back and affable guy. Sorry Jeffrey.

– Lauren Dimet, Second City Style

Photos by Second City Style and Nestor: nestorsphotography

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3 Responses to Designer Interview. Jeffrey Sebelia: Project Runway Winner Season 3. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Lauren, how much fun was this interview? His offscreen persona seems so refreshing compared to the grim, dark vibe emitted on the series. Great interview, by the way. it’s nice to hear genuine answers from a nice guy.
    Your readers want to know: was there an item in the collection you loved? 🙂

  2. Lauren-SCS says:

    It was refreshing actually. I was expecting the cad from the show and was totally surprised. OK, that’s not entirely true…I know these ‘reality’ shows (and I use that term loosely)like to give these people ‘characters.’ Jeffrey knew what he was doing and played it very smart. So kudos for him!
    Anyway, his hair is darker and he is actually pretty cute. He reminded me of the cute ‘bad boys’ I used to go for. I digress.
    My favorite piece was hands-down, this long tan/pink leather coat. The fit, lines and workmanship were impeccable. Mind you, I think it’s a couple grand so I will only see it again in my dreams. His jackets were awesome. Oh and of course, there was the ‘spring’ version of the famed ‘zipper dress.’

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