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May 1, 2007 • Fashion

Liz is… lucky to have Tim Gunn on their team and great for sponsoring the Parson’s scholarship
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Speaking of the glorious Tim Gunn… We all hear the stories about starving-artist designers working out of their parent’s basements and eating tuna for a year to afford their first collection or their first year of design school. Well, the benevolent Mr. Tim Gunn and his current employer Liz Claiborne have decided to take a stab at putting an end to some of the misery by establishing a $350,000 scholarship so they’re one step closer to making it work…
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–Joanne Molina for Second City Style

Liz Claiborne Sponsors Tim Gunn Scholarship
By Whitney Beckett
Tim Gunn had a night to remember Monday at the 59th Annual Parsons
Fashion Benefit and Fashion Show at the Grand Hyatt New York.
The "Project Runway"; television personality learned that his new
employer, Liz Claiborne Inc., established a $350,000 scholarship in his
name at Parsons The New School for Design, and that Parsons, his old
employer, named him honorary chair of fashion design. Gunn joined
Claiborne this year in the new post of chief creative officer after
almost 25 years at Parsons, where he most recently had been chair of
fashion design.

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