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October 30, 2007 • Fashion


Just in time for Halloween, the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar features kids dressed up as fashion designers in "The Kids Stay in the Picture." It’s genius! A mini Karl, a pint-size Donatella, and a teensy Stella – all fashioned just like the designers themselves, down to their signature characteristics: cotton white coif, Miami bronzed tan, and a chunky knit ensemble, respectively.

With just 7 designers covered it left me wanting more:

  • A child in Western/WASP attire dressed a Ralph Lauren
  • Chubby 8 year-olds outfitted in flannel shirts and suspenders like Costello Tagliapietra
  • A kooky multi-colored mini Betsey Johnson
  • Fabulous and in a wrap dress a la Diane von Furstenberg

Karl_hb_2 Karl Lagerfeldette

Enjoy the feature: The Kids at Harpers Bazaar (You must check this out!)

– Thomas Kikis


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