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April 6, 2007 • Fashion

These really are not horrid in the grand scheme of things, after all we are talking fashion, not brain surgery. However, two marketing blunders came into my inbox today that made me scratch my head (besides an itch). Let me try to do this like Andy Rooney.


Don’t you hate it when an online retailer takes any and every holiday (even Groundhog Day) to send out an email promotion? How about when it is merely to say "Have a Happy Easter." If you want me to visit your site, lure me there…give me a 15% discount for the weekend! Don’t merely say…we have new spring items in. Geez.

Milk Boutique and ShopatMilk.com wanted to wish you a Happy Easter! If you celebrate Passover, we hope you had a wonderful Passover! We just received all new Giulia Piersanti, Sretsis, Alice Ritter, Manoush and tons more Spring merchandise, which we will be adding by the beginning of next week!

Thanks! You too.


Rant #2
OK I get it…you should be 21 and under to shop at Forever21, but they must know (and love) that women are browsing and buying trendy throw-away items with their prepubescent daughters. So then why are they calling their ‘new’ collection Heritage 1981? Hellooooooo, I vividly remember 1981 and don’t need to be reminded that I am too damn old to shop their store. Stupid.

OK, thanks for letting me vent. I’m all better now and ready for Easter/Passover.

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