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August 22, 2007 • Events


The first thing I realized while ascending the escalator in the Chicago Saks Fifth Avenue store, prepped to celebrate fall fashions with Gen Art providing the drinks and nibbles, was that I haven’t been in a department store in ages!!! Walking around, I felt giddy surveying the overview of fall collections featured by L.A.M.B., Elani, Theory, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and more—however I respectfully distanced my drink from the displayed attire.

A few things I noticed: The puffed sleeve seems to be replaced by the “bubble” sleeve, the mini turtleneck dress is the garment of the season (leaving me QUITE ecstatic), and everything is simple, simple, simple. Colors and patterns are more muted but there is also a lot of detailing in order to vamp up the earth tones. One of the things I definitely noticed however was the sad lack of food — I’m sorry, but five flavors of cold twisted bread does not settle one’s stomach after a few rum-infused grapefruit and grenadine cocktails.

L.A.M.B Dress (same dress, 2 fabrics) that we loved!


Models in Diane Von Furstenberg and Robert Rodriguez.

Like I said, the clothing selection was quite entertaining to meander through, however the excitement of the evening came while a group of models wearing the floor’s selections sauntered past….now hold your breath dear readers, ‘cause this is big.


The author with "our" ShopBop Girl Elena (In Nanette Lepore)

My editor and I spotted…none other than…our very own dubbed “ShopBop Girl”. We of course stopped and gushed and were thrilled to discover how smiley and sweet she is! When questioned about the less-than-enthusiastic demeanor of her ShopBop photos, she did confirm that they don’t really support the smile so much, and her wardrobe changes were indeed so fast to result in any individual to drag and droop the eyelids. So dear SCS readers—I’m letting you in on a little secret—outside the clothing ads, the shopbop girl is awake, peppy, and adorable!

— Rachel Yeomans

How our shopbop girl fan club began…

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  1. Nicole says:

    Department stores these days are really catering to shoppers who ‘know it all’ and ‘know what they want’. Saks is a great example presenting their collections

  2. Clar says:

    ahhh! shopbop girl. so cute.

  3. You met “Shopbop girl”! Fabulous.

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