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August 18, 2014 • Magazine, Male Box

Fall Fashion 2014, Design Fringe

Just as Bastille Day marks the end of the Ancien Regime, the end of July marks the end of the summer retail season. Look at the store windows in early August and what will you see? Pre-fall, my dear. Yes it’s that time of year again. It’s time to start thinking about what you will wear the day after Labor Day. Will you be one of the sad souls clinging to the last vestiges of summer by wearing your summer shorts and sandals “just one more day”? Or will you be a fashion pack leader and step out in one – or more – of Fall 2014’s hottest fashion trends?

One of my favorite trends for Fall 2014 is fringe. Everyone has a cultural reference for fringe in their life. You may recall the Indian from the Village People or Cher belting out “Half Breed” or even Britney Spears in concert when you think fringe, but this season the designers we trust to move fashion forward are bringing a totally modern interpretation to stores near you. Here is your guide to six pieces that you can sport post-Labor Day and be right on trend.

I’ll start with the must-have’s, but I’ll be honest and tell you that you may be too late for these already. The truly fashion forward pre-ordered these items in May at trunk show. The first is the Michael Kors midi-length, tiered, suede fringe skirt. The shorter layer falls at the knee. This is no ‘Little House on the Prairie’ skirt. Make no mistake; the construction and material scream “PJ”. That’s private jet for the uninitiated. When last I checked just before this printing, a major North American department store only had one left in stock.

The other most coveted item of the season is the YSL suede, studded fringe, pointy-toed, high heel bootie. Aggressive rocker chicks and cerebral all-black types alike will gravitate to the orbit of this kick @$$ shoe. Mark my words, get this shoe now. You will thank me all season for the hot fashion tip when women wherever you go stop you to ask where and how did you get those shoes.

Now I realize that some of you take awhile to warm up to a trend, that it could be days – weeks even – until you decide to jump on the fashion bandwagon. Maybe you just need to see one of your co-workers or frenemies basking in the attention lavished on a fashion early adopter. By then, it may be too late to get the “it” items of the season. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be on trend in an “I meant to do that” kind of way. Play it like you acknowledge the must-have but meant all along to interpret the trend in your own way. Here are my picks to help you give a nod – and a wink – at the fringe trend for Fall 2014.

Stella McCartney’s wavy fringe and net miniskirt is the perfect homage to the trend and in black it’s an easy swap into many of your staple outfits for work or play. Let everyone else look like a flapper refugee from the Great Gatsby in their tiered fringe miniskirts. You’ll be the individualist even in the select group of intrepid fashion trend setters.

If booties just aren’t your thing or you live in a climate where strappy sandals are de rigeur, fear not. You can sill hit the fringe trend in Prada’s suede fringe, T-strap, high heel sandals. Just make sure you get them in brown, because – Ladies, you heard it here first – Brown is the New Black!

On that note, my pick for must-have dress of the season is Lanvin’s waterfall fringe shift dress. This is the perfect pre-fall dress. Simple lines and nods to two of the season’s hottest trends – fringe and brown. Show the women who look to you for fashion advice just how on top of the trends you are. The waterfall fringe provides just the right amount of movement without restricting yours. You’ll be able to stride confidently into any social setting in this easy to wear dress – and you won’t have to worry about being a YouTube sensation as the girl whose fringe is flapping out the speeding taxi’s door.

Finally, all you bag ladies have many many options this season to hit the fringe trend from clutches to shopper totes. It’s a little cliché, but I vote for the brand that does modernized seventies style the best. Frida Gianinni’s Gucci has brought us many of the 70s staples we love reinterpreted for life today. The Gucci suede fringe shoulder bag hits the trend doubly hard with both fringe and tassels. Although this bag is clearly so this season, I think I can safely say that is destined to be considered a classic in the not-too-distant future. One tip: you may want to keep this bag ahead of you in crowds. You don’t want to be the girl on the subway whose fringe reaches the station platform before she does.

Ladies, you are all set to take on the new fashion season. Stay tuned for more tips on staying ahead of the fashion pack. Until next month… get to your local stores now and savor all of the flavors that Fall 2014 has to offer!

1. Michael Kors Suede Fringe Skirt, $3,995

2. Saint Laurent Paris Fringe Suede Ankle Boots, $1,595

3. Stella McCartney Fringe & Lace Mini Skirt, $1,765

4. Prada Suede Fringe Sandals, $850

5. Lanvin Sleeveless Waterfall Fringe Shift Dress in Dark Brown, $2,790

6. Gucci Nouveau Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag, $1,950


– Joseph Ungoco

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