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September 15, 2014 • Fashion Shows, Magazine, Male Box, New York Fashion Week Spring '15

New York Spring 2015 Fashion, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein

New York fashion Week is back to school time for fashion folk. Just like we used to trudge off to the first day of school wearing our new – and usually painful – shoes and our trusty Eastpack backpack full of Trapper Keepers or retro chic PeeChee Folders, fashion types from all over the world flock to New York the first weekend after Labor Day. Sporting the latest fall fashions.  If you’ve been keeping up, you already know what these are.

Just like the first day of school, everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed for first period – for us, Nicholas K, the perfect co-ed show to kick off the week.  Everyone looks around the tent waving to old friends and colleagues, complimenting each other on their shared good taste in clothes and accessories, and laughing outwardly but cringing inwardly at being caught wearing the same things as someone else.  Thankfully, we all “accessorize” differently!

After a few more shows, it’s time for the main event – recess, or “lunch time” for fashion folk which, believe me, has absolutely nothing to do with eating.  You better have your 400 word essay on “what I did this summer”’ prepared!

As always the vast array of American fashion can be overwhelming and it won’t make sense until a month from now when we have seen what London, Milan and (the last word in fashion) Paris have to say about Spring Summer 2015. Anyone calling a trend now is either only talking about American  – and not global – fashion or just venturing a SWAG!

So for now, I’ll just point out a few of the highlights of the NYFW season and reserve my trend predictions for later. Americans have always been known in the global fashion community for our unique ability to create stylish sportswear. It just goes with our active working lifestyles. The two most iconic of American sportswear designers are Ralph Lauren, of course, and more recently Michael Kors. Both appeal to the public as purveyors of the American (Fashion ) Dream, one more classic and the other more contemporary, but both are undeniably aspirational. Unless, of course, you already lead the private jet lifestyle.

No discussion of American sportswear would be complete without mentioning Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Collection. His take on knitwear for Spring Summer 2015 is spot on with the active American lifestyle. Yes, you can adopt the sleek minimalist look altogether but you can also layer these designs into your favorite European looks as well.

Look to these great American designers for cues on how to stay fashionable in 2015. Stay tuned to my column for part 2 – American eveningwear from some of your favorite designers. Until next time, dear reader, stay stylish!

– Joseph Ungoco

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