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August 1, 2007 • Fashion


White Trash Charms "Mud Flap Bunny Girl in Cage"

Playboy Enterprises Inc., suffering form anemic publishing and entertainment sales, is seeking new avenues to make some dinero. So they have decided to collaborate with trendsetting
West Coast fashion labels. Oye (she says slapping her hand to her forehead). I for one do not associate clothing of any kind when I think of Playboy.

In addition to White Trash Charms (hmm),
the company is partners with Topless California (that’s a surprise) in reproducing images
of a fictitious character named ‘Femlin’, created by artist LeRoy Neiman
for Playboy in 1957, on T-shirts retailing for $67.50. It also signed a
five-year apparel licensing contract through 2011 with Los Angeles’
Unger Fabriks, which is infusing the line with trendy details such as
brushed French terry and overdyeing, and launching an activewear label,
dubbed ‘Playboy Physical’, for spring. Could this get any more frightening?


Topless California T-shirt Playboy Version

These projects are key in
wooing women, since apparel, lingerie, swimwear and cosmetics
constitute 60% of Playboy’s $800 million in global retail sales
of licensed products.

"The younger generation is the future,”
said Hugh Hefner to WWD, "any brand — and it’s true for Playboy — has to renew

Gee, and I thought having the word ‘Pink’ across one’s butt was as bad as it could get.

If you dare, read the rest of "Playboy Turns to Fashion, Puts Accent on Youth"

Source & Photo: WWD

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