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October 18, 2007 • Fashion Shows

You call this fashion? I can’t write separate reviews because I already have a ginormous headache from looking at these pictures. Reviewing fashion can be hazardous to your health! After complaining that Chicago plays it too safe (the Midwest way) we now have L.A. Fashion Week which some could say could use some toning down. However, I give them props for being bad with conviction! Let’s go crazy! A total 180 from New York for sure.

Look, I’m never going to turn to L.A. for fashion inspiration, but for a good time? Sure. The shows don’t have the edginess of Paris, London or Milan, but for pure trashiness, L.A. has them all beat. A lotta leg, a lot of cleavage and happily for Britney, really short hemlines (perfect for exiting limos).

Grey Ant
Studio 54, The Scream and Fosse rolled into one! This outer-limits
collection of high-waisted everything (including bathing suits), sheer tops, dresses came down the runway models of varying sizes…and ages. By the way, that’s Divine’s face silk-screened on the fabric.



This line is always over-the-top whacky. Sadly, the red, white and blue ensembles are reminiscent of the recent Chanel show (sadly for Chanel, that is).




Coco Johnsen
This isn’t so bad, it just isn’t great either. It’s very shiny. However, some of the final gowns were very pretty.



Jenny Han
Tons of low-cut cami dresses, printed mini cocktail dresses, brightly colored pieces with ruffles, and Pochantas shiny head wraps…it’s a wrap. Good news for Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.



Joseph Domingo
Bling, bling and more…wait, embellishments. The gold lame cropped leggings have to be my favorite.



Chick by Nicky Hilton
Thank God it’s Chick and not Chic, because noting about her designers are. Why does this girl have two lines? Why must she infect both coasts with this dribble? If I were a schooled fashion designer I would loathe her. This stuff is garbage. Apparently Nicholai (which she showed in NY last month) is her ‘adult’ line and Chick is for the younger bunch. For a girl who prefers high-end baubles, I find it a stretch that she would actually wear her own clothes. I just had a crazy idea! Nicky Hilton for Target…seems rather redundant, doesn’t it?



Keven Hall
Let’s end this on a high note. I rather like Keven Hall’s gowns. This collection was inspired by "the beauty of Africa captured by Jack Guy," which was evidenced by elements of some tribal prints parading down the runway. His willowy gowns in burnt orange, seafoam and yellow were stunning as were a series of metallic dresses with cap sleeves. 




Photos: WireImage

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