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August 31, 2007 • Fashion Shows


I almost forgot. It’s that bi-annual time of year when weight once again becomes an issue. Not mine (OK sorta), but that of the models preparing to strut the catwalk next week for New York Fashion Week. So it’s that time of year when the CFDA pretends it gives a fig about ultra-skinny models.

According to WWD, Diane von Furstenberg and Steven Kolb ave not ‘forgotten’ the weight debate. Last
week, the pair sent a letter (wow) to designers highlighting the need "to
promote health as beauty when working with models." As a gentle
reminder, members received the recommendations developed by the CFDA’s
Health Initiative earlier this year. Von Furstenberg said Thursday, "I
wanted to remind everybody of what we had decided last season. We just
wanted to say everything is not fluff."

Sounds like fluff to me. Kolb said Thursday, "Our
intention is to be low-key, industry-focused and one-on-one. With the
shows just around the corner, we thought this was the responsible thing
to do."

Low key is right…take a bow. Considering the models will not be hiding under fall fashions and in some cases will be catwalking in bathing suits, we shall see if much has changed in a year. Somehow I doubt it. Ah, spring fashion week is in the air.

Source: WWD

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