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May 21, 2007 • Fashion


What: Drawstring madras shorts from $44.50
Why Not: I’ve seen these in several gap windows and shuddered each time I pass. Even if you doubt my aesthetic judgment there is no reason why you should pay almost $45 for flimsy cottion shorts in a plaid pattern that makes almost everyone’s ass look fat. Total waste. Either go to Target and Walmart and buy it cheap or save your $$ and put it towards a great summer bag.


What: Wide braided belt for $58
Why Not: Did I get the date wrong? Is it really 1982? Other than screamed eary 80’s this woven leather belt will make your waist look thicker and do you really want thick, heavy braided leather clinging to your mid-section in the heat? If you want a cute accessory that you must tie around some portion of your body try a headband– it will keep your head cool so you don’t make any more fashion faux pas.


What: D&G Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Jersey Dolman Dress $525.00 at Neiman Marcus
Why Not: This is an example of a trend gone awry. Sure, it’s got a bold print and yellow but it manages to botch both. The yellow isn’t vibrant enough and the sunflowers don’t have the mod dimensions that make this season’s floral dresses, well, THIS season. Looks more like my picnic table should be wearing it. Take your money and buy a dress at Intermix.


What: Marc Jacobs Collection Studded Sunglasses $310.00 from Eluxury
Why Not: I love MJ so this hurts me more than you know. However, someone has to be the bearer of bad news: these look cheap and downright uninteresting. The ski-goggles style doesn’t flatter any facial shape that I’m aware of and the misplaced studs bold, odd patterns on the side don’t say fun and inventive but dazed and confused. Perhaps these were designed pre-rehab?


What: Michael Kors Envelope Clutch $295.00
Why Not: I like pretty envelopes and I like clutches when I go out for the evening. However, using an envelope clutch (even a pretty and polished one) for an everyday bag doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. The leather is bound to get worn and discolored during the summer (name one person who don’t get sweaty hands during the month of July) and there is no way I could even fit my wallet in this petit package. The the $300 and get Scoop’s awesome patent Dani tote instead.– Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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  1. Froggy4 says:

    Thanks for the advice! Now that it’s getting to be summer all I read about are summer sales, deals, etc and I just want to shop. 🙂 It’s really making me feel like I have nothing to wear and all I want is to get out there and get some nice new clothes! It wouldn’t be wrong if I went out somewhere nice like Lord and Taylor this Memorial Day weekend and boost up my wardrobe… right? You won’t find any of those pieces in my bag!

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