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June 5, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Joanne Molina, Senior Editor for Second City Style Magazine

I quit. I’m finished. Kaput. After this column there will be no more: my days of writing about “celebrity” designers are finished.
Whether it’s Victoria Beckam, J.Lo or Amanda Bynes, I’m tired of
promoting celebrity over style, and making fashion synonymous with a
cause celeb. I refuse to be part of any contemporary Emperor’s
entourage who says s/he can be confused with a designer, or literally
h/er “new clothes.”

And don’t think it’s because I’m self-righteously depriving myself
of the pleasures afforded by purveyors of popular culture. After all,
Americans have an odd relationship with what they deem
frivolous—suspicious and often contemptuous of fashion, art and the
elevation of any kind of work that doesn’t fit into a familiar
category. I am no stranger to the snide remark connected with my
delight with pleasures of the aesthetic sort. And although these stoic
Puritanal roots are pervasive, as an author who writes about art,
design and fashion I felt compelled to take on an old trend with a strange new twist: the celebrity fashion label.

But don’t confuse this with my fickle intrigue and interest in
celebrities who wear designers or designers who create a dress inspired
by an actress
or hire a starlet to promote their goods (Colleen
Moore did this in the ‘20s as did many starlets who gained their fame
through cinematic means). Personally, I gave Britney some much needed
fashion advice and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see someone
taking advantage of their good fortune to acquire unique and
interesting goods, support emerging designers and the artisans and
craftsmen who work for the more established design houses. With access
to travel, time and energy to discover the new—or at least have access
to people like stylists who do, it’s fun to see the Bjorks and the
Brangelinas of the world in their finest.

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2 Responses to Fashion Manifesto: Why Celebrities Should End Their Affair with Fashion Design. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Allyson says:

    Don’t these celebrities have enough to occupy their time with besides designing flocks of horrendous clothing? Enough with the celebrity designers! I haven’t been paying 20 grand a year for my education to wear clothes by someone who doesn’t understand anything about fabric, style, or trend.
    Let’s hope this epidemic comes to an end.

  2. Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog.

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