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May 24, 2007 • Fashion


Off-price retailer Marshalls recently deployed teams of Fashion Police to hit city streets, searching for victims of high-priced fashion. (Second City Style wished they would have been for bad fashion, but that’s our job.) If given a ticket, the fine is to appear in front of a register at Marshalls.

Marshalls kicked-off the campaign with a Leap-in-the-Lake. 25 participants jumped into freezing cold Lake Michigan in last fall’s fashions to raise $5,000 for the Heartland Alliance, a Chicago-based charity focused on the economically vulnerable men, women, and children of the Chicago community.

Marshallsfashionleapparticipants_2 Leap-in-the-Lake participants

Marshallsdealdivas_2 Deal Divas

The troops of Fashion Police are armed with citations and handing them out to well-dressed people in Chicago, accusing them of paying too much for their fashions. This clever marketing campaign directs those cited to local Marshalls stores to see if they’ve won one of thousands of prizes, including a $5,000.00 shopping spree.

While the Fashion Police are on the beat, groups of Deal Divas, sporting oversized price tags are modeling Marshalls spring styles. They are armed with game pieces which they hand out to anyone inquiring about their outfits or price tags.

“The Fashion Police, Deal Divas and roving fashion shows are aimed at driving in-store traffic and reinforcing Marshalls’ core messaging,” explained Amy Cafazzo, Marshalls spokesperson.

The campaign has been in Chicago since May 16th and will conclude May 27th.

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