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May 4, 2007 • Fashion


Nicole Kidman: Parisienne

Gwenyth Paltrow: English Rose

Grace Kelly: Aristocrat

Sure, we’re taught to love our little black dresses and think that the palette of dark to darkest is the simplest way to be chic, but what are we really saying? Perhaps it’s more Morticia Addams than Parisian posh– at least that’s what Sarah Whittaker of Insideout is going to analyze for you. This wardrobe wizard uses five tools to interpret you by your outfits:

1)  Clothing type
2)  Form and texture
3)  Finishing and detailing
4)  Colour psychology
5)  Accessories and add-on’s 

"Without realizing, people can inadvertently dress what they least want you to know about them or what they most want to hide. What you want to disguise, you only emphasize! This is why reinventing yourself can often lead to a new image…but the same signals", says Whittaker. Sarah Whittaker is known for her ’35 Image Types’ – a system she developed for determining your style aesthetic. From London and now based in the US, she is the founder of Insideout that provides Image Profiling Consultations to clients internationally face-to-face or on-line and by telephone, helping them dress according to their psychology. She has been featured in Psychology Today, The Times (London), Heat magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent (London), and The Atlanta Journal. 

To contact Sarah: 
Contact: Sarah Whittaker, Insideout Phone: (912) 816-0075
Web Address:

— Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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