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October 5, 2007 • Accessories


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

Back in the day, the accessory known as “the belt” served the
singular purpose of maintaining hold of a waistline to keep a pair of
pants in its place. Now, to voice the cliché, fashion has definitely
presided over function because the belt is now the hit accessory —
you’ll see what I mean just by viewing some of the Spring 2008
ready-to-wear collections. However, with the necessity of creating that
silhouette shape with a sweater dress or pumping up the volume of the
oxford, these outfit add-ons are at times surpassing the price point of
those Prada ankle boots you’ve been eyeing. With all the costly
accessories out there, is it possible to budget yet another?

That it is, but in order to do so, steer clear of the Gucci, and
concentrate more on the Calvin Klein. If you want lower price-points,
the high-end designers should be kept on display. Don’t think that you
are sacrificing fabulous style however by veering towards the less
expensive. In fact, sometimes you can find something truly unique and
stylish not found anywhere on the runway.

Calvin Klein, as mentioned, makes a variety of good quality, stylish belts. Also look towards the likes of Michael Kors and Linea Pelle. I personally love Jack Rabbit Collection, a line of accessories designed by Mollie Culligan.
The belts are fantastic, original, and the price point is well below
that of Fendi. Other lines under the accessory cost radar worth
checking out are Elegantly Waisted, Motif 56, and Bing Bang for the skinny belt. Read more here

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