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August 15, 2007 • Accessories


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

They are the standard gift on your “sweet 16th” or for your college
graduation; they add class and elegance to any fashion ensemble; and in
1917, they were used to purchase the landmark Cartier store on New
York’s Fifth Avenue along with $100 in cash. A woman’s first strand of pearls is usually one of her most prized possessions; but why stop at one? That question naturally turns to, who can afford more than one? Luckily these prized possessions can be purchased at costume costs.

By definition, a pearl is a rounded object produced primarily by
types of mollusks, such as sea oysters. By fashion, a strand of pearls
is a beautiful — and costly — addition to the little black dress.
However, buying bona fide doesn’t mean you have match a four-digit
price tag. It means you have to shop smart.

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