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June 27, 2007 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans – Second City Style Magazine

This past Sunday, a good friend of mine and I were gallivanting back and forth from fitting rooms to clothing racks, parading around in multiple outfits asking one another our opinions and what colors worked best with our skin tones. A typical weekend shopping excursion — the only difference between this spree and many others previous, was that each outfit might have been different, but both my friend and I only brought one piece of clothing into the fitting room. That day, in American Apparel, we each spent $36 dollars on one garment we could wear 15 different ways. We discovered the convertible dress.

Out of all the clothing occupying my closet at a given time, among them there is always a single seasonal staple I wear to the point of exhaustion, be it a denim blazer, a gaucho suit or a pair of peep-toes. In the summer, it’s that one dress that always looks fabulous and seems to make even the accompanied accessories more fashionable. And since the convertible dress can play the role of that special garment in so many different ways, it not only can be the most versatile piece of the season, but also the most economical.

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3 Responses to Finds On A Dime/ The Convertible Dress: One Price Tag, Multiple Looks. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. shomore says:

    The Calypso Celle dress is another convertible dress that I totally dig.
    Dress also looks good all wrinkled so I bring it on my travels.
    Of course, it can’t beat American Apparel’s 15 styles for $36 bucks though.

  2. You know…I wondered how well this worked in real life. I may just have to try it. I’ve seen the jersey knit version which is ridiculously versatile, and promises to look fabulous right out of the suitcase. Always a bonus! 😉

  3. Jojo says:

    American Apparel?!?! Did you know that it’s CEO, Don Charney, suggested in an article for the July 2004 issue of Jane magazine that women who complain about unsolicited sexual come-ons at work are simply suffering from a “victim culture” and that “Out of a thousand sexual harassment claims, how many do you think are exploitative?” before opining, “women initiate most domestic violence.” Reporter Claudine Ko interviewed Charney for the Jane magazine article and stated that right in front of her, while she was conducting her interviews of him, Charney received oral sex from one of his female employees, and then went on to masturbate in front of Ko about eight times. He also uses girls as young as 15 in his controversial soft-porn ads (often taking the photos himself in his apartment using girls he finds on the street)? He has also been sued four times for sexual harassment. He also admits to hiring only girls that he wants to try and sleep with (polaroids are taken of all applicants, even those applying to be a cashier), and he usually wears only his underwear during work meetings, sometimes masturbating in front of his staff. He also posts photos from Penthouse in the factory as well as in stores. And he openly admits all of this because he sees nothing wrong with his actions. So why would anyone support this pig by buying his clothing?! The company promotes itself as a leader in fair labor practices (high wages; no outsourcing, etc), but I think the sexually charged environment he has created is just as exploitative. Plus he’s a union buster! For a great summary of all this go to

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