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Fountain of 30

September 19, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Spring '09

All Fashion Week long, we debated the merits of models. Are they talents or mannequins? Celebrities or coat-hangers? Do you rejoice at seeing your favorite on the runway, or do your eyes glaze over the face and go straight to the clothes? Well, we’ve found some video clips to convince you of one way or the other. And NYC is the backdrop for them all, to ease our longing to get back to the city. Enjoy and TGIF!

First off, this video highlights Karlie Kloss, a model quickly becoming one of those young girls skyrocketed to stardom (whether you think she deserves it or not). Her signature "death stare" walk has been getting her on scads of runways for the past two seasons, even though it has been mocked by Ms. Tyra Banks herself. Yeah, ’cause Tyra has had so much luck getting her models on any runway other than Project Runway.

Next up, new British it-girl Alice Dellal, who has been surrounded by scandal lately, has become Alexander Wang‘s new Erin Wasson… i.e. his model muse. In this short film by Dan Martensen, she wears his collection around the East Village. With her Brazilian heritage (her mom was a model, too) and that new wave hairdo, she’s perfect for Wang’s grunge aesthetic. Is mugging for a video camera in clothes that look like they belong on you a talent? Probably not. But something about this video is entrancing and definitely worth watching. Is it Alice Dellal, or simply the black and white shots of the city and the soundtrack? We’ll leave it to you to view and decide.

And finally, a short clip filmed by Jeremy Kost for New York Magazine, that you can find here. Coco Rocha rapidly delivers a million modeling looks. Okay, maybe not a million, but a lot of distinct photo-shoot faces. We don’t know if it’s a talent, but we definitely know we couldn’t work the camera like that.

Well, our jury’s still out. We loved sitting in Bryant Park watching skinny, lanky girls stalk into the back entrance of the Promenade and prance out post-show in full makeup and hair, an hour or two later. We liked to take note of who opened and closed shows, who held the designer’s hand, and who was chosen to pull off the most dramatic looks. But for each of those wow moments of seeing, meeting, or snapping a photo of our favorite, there were a million girls whose faces we didn’t see because we loved their dress so much. So, where do you stand on the strutters?


– Hayley Wells

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