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September 26, 2007 • Accessories


Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Some items are worth investing in — a classic handbag, quality
cashmere, that perfectly tailored suit, and if you live in an area that
has reasonably cold winters, a great pair of boots. After all,
the right boot can put a swing in your step and lend you that added
boost of confidence that makes any outfit extra special.

High-heeled knee boots are timeless, especially when done in
a suede or leather in a neutral color. If you’re looking for a high-end
pair to invest in, go for something simple and relatively unadorned,
because anything with tons of embellishment or hardware is likely to
appear dated next season. This nappa leather Cole Haan
pair would be a wonderful choice. Also, remember the cost-per-wear
formula: divide the price of an item by the number of times you’ll wear
in order to find the true cost. If you wear a pair of $800 boots forty
times over the course of the winter, the cost per wear is only $20. And
that’s just one season! (Hey, at the very least it’s an excellent way
to justify a splurge). Read more here

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