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April 13, 2007 • Accessories


Well, it’s not like you have to be a genius to see her point about the plastic bags, but the money is going to a good cause… And I could continue, but I’ll save that battle for another day. Leave it to the Brits preference for practicality to make headlines. Ouch. From the London Times Bargain hunter: unlimited editions Carol Midgley Today I’d like to give a big wave to all those people who paid up to £400 on eBay for one of those Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” bags. My God, you must be feeling stupid. More stupid, in fact, than a daytime TV viewer who calls an 0870 number to answer the question, What is the capital of France? a) Paris, b) Jordan or c) broccoli, and answers c) broccoli because Paris and Jordan are two birds you see a lot in Heat magazine. Because from April 25, the “must-have, limited-edition accessory of the year” can be bought off the shelf at Sainsbury’s for its real price of £5. Which means that you paid some shark 8,000 per cent over the odds to be seen carrying a cotton shopping bag – ooh, a full three weeks before the supermarket proles. I think we will have to invent a whole new idiom for “There’s one born every minute”. Are you wondering what on earth I’m going on about? Well, it’s this. Anya Hindmarch designed a non-profit-making, eco-friendly bag for the We Are What We Do movement, which bears the slogan “I’m not a plastic bag” to encourage lifestyle change. To publicise the bag prior to the Sainsbury’s launch, a few hundred of them went on sale for the actual price of £5, in London. People queued from 6am to get one. Trouble is, saving the planet wasn’t uppermost in some scoundrels’ minds. They ran home and promptly stuck it on eBay where they made a huge profit from a lot of dorks and then probably went for a splurge in Mulberry. Damn, I wish I’d thought of it. We tut-tut disapprovingly about e-touts, but they can only exist in direct relation to people’s gormlessness. All you need do is utter the words “limited edition” and fashion victims will run down the street to give you £200 for your old pacamac. Actually mine is unique with chi-chi toddler snot stains down the front. What am I bid? Witness the demand for Guinness Marmite, a St Patrick’s Day gimmick, which is now selling on eBay – £50 for a pack of six jars. “Excellent investment,” one seller trills, “will be worth lots more in only a few months’ time!!” Thing is, Marmite is thinking of doing it again next year, so it might be worth bugger all. Or those rubber charity wristbands which cost £1 but often sold privately for £10 because people were so desperate to be seen supporting the “in” cause of the week. Remember the stampede for Madonna’s range at H&M? It wasn’t all it seemed. Many of those in the scrum admitted they were buying simply to flog it on at an inflated price. Hours later a £69.99 “M” leather bag was being offered at a start price of £300. I mean, could you be bothered? If this is what being “fashion forward” means, I’m happy to pull on my Crimplene slacks and remain the has-been at the back. –Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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