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May 17, 2007 • Accessories


From Gap: $44.00
Why Not: Other that being seriously boring, it’s completely overpriced and looks like a diaper bag. My thought is that a grocery bag could give you the same amount of wear.


From Forever 21: $8.80
Why Not: Sure, it sounds like a bargain, right. Wrong. Not only is this ugly (pleather and fake snake skin?) but the chemicals used to produce this cheap bag are polluting our friendly skies. For $8.80 you can go to your local thrift store and find something charming and cheap.


From Eluxury: $175
Why Not Don’t misunderstand, I love Eluxury as much as the next woman but this Juicy Couture Fluffy bag is so unnecessary and overpriced. Other than having a tacky logo it’s made of terry cloth… and almost $200. And the color? It may be bold and if used with the right graphics it could be fine but this looks like Walmart. Seriously, if you need a JC bag then choose something else.


From Vivre: Oversized Patent Shoulder Bag by Jane August: $850.00
Why Not: I’m sure I’ll get slack for this and the thing is, I am SO close to loving this bag. Love the leather, love the color and I generally think Jane August is perfectly lovely. However, as tempting as this bag might be the patent shoulder strap on the summer day is a bad idea. In the sticky, hot days of summer the last thing you want is something this close to the skin under your arms and so tight around your shoulder. For the price you can get a bag for all seasons.


From Target: Xhilaration® Reversible Tote – Blue $14.99
Why Not: Again, no offense to all the grandmothers out there but this is a granny bag (and not your eclectic grandmother who has those cool vintage pieces). This looks like they tried to combine the graphic prints that are so hot this summer with the bright color trend– but the prints are too small and delicate and the colors are muted just enough that they hit the mark as well.

Usually I am rushing to post about the bags I love but today I thought I would go a different route. While I am certainly a proponent of individual style and I am certainly not in a position to deprive anyone of a bag they truly desire, I simply ask that before you buy these bags take a moment to consider why– look at the quality, the price, the structure and the practicality of each one and THEN decide. — Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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  1. shoeaholic says:

    Totally agree! I paused at the white Jane August for it’s design – but no – not under my arm in the summer!

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