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June 8, 2007 • Accessories


By now everybody knows the handbag game spells high-margins/big profits. So why shouldn’t Cartier (known for expensive diamonds & watches) enter the bag game?  Bernard Fornas,
president of Cartier International, is betting that women will also clamor for their handbags.

Cartier will make its first foray in the category with
the launch of a new fashion-forward bag called Marcello. It will be
available in Cartier stores worldwide in mid-June and is the first
major bag launch for Cartier in years.

Marcello will be offered in an array of seasonal colors and treatments. The
introductory delivery, for example, will be offered in tan, midnight
blue, pink and even a zebra ponyskin.

Prices will range from $1,005, for a basic small bag to or $1,600, and
up for a large bag, depending on details and materials. Custom-made
bags also will be available, starting at around or $2,010,
and going higher depending on treatments, which could include hardware
in gold or platinum.

Marcello will be available in Cartier stores worldwide mid-June.

Source & Photo: WWD

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