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Fountain of 30

October 17, 2007 • Fashion


Bonnie Brown for Second City Style Fashion Magazine

Coco Chanel. Seamstress. Fashion designer. Fashion icon. Life-stylist?

Whether you live or die by Coco Chanel’s fashion mantras (there are
so many, how can you possibly keep track) or couldn’t care any less
about her or her fashion legacy, one thing is certain: Coco Chanel made an impact on the fashion world that can still be seen on every woman out on the streets this very day.
True, her fashion line continues today under the guiding hands of Karl
Lagerfeld who designs for Chanel as if embodied by Coco herself;
Lagerfeld seems to capture the straight lines, black and white motifs
and casual elegance that Chanel emphasized in her designs and they
still look as modern today as they did in 1926. However, it is not the
House of Chanel alone that carries on the Chanel image, for Chanel’s
fashions go much deeper than clothing alone. Prior to Chanel, clothing
was fashion, yet, Chanel was able to transform fashion into a lifestyle.

During Chanel’s own life, she wasn’t afraid of telling people she
was 10 years younger than she really was or becoming a mistress –
multiple times over. In fact it was probably these traits that helped
her open her own millinery shop and eventually create such popularity
for herself that she was able to move on to fashion. Read more here

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