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October 2, 2007 • Fashion

Bonnie Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Now that fall has officially arrived and all my flirty little summer
skirts and dresses are packed away, I like to move away from the
ultra-feminine look I don for the warmer months and instead adopt the famous “Annie Hall” look.
While I hate to admit that I am not a Woody Allen fan, I have always
loved the look Diane Keaton sported in his film. The wide-leg baggy
trousers and button-down shirt topped with a vest just seems like the
perfect look for the cool months of fall. It’s a wonder, however, how
surprised I was to find that one of my favorite designers, a.k.a., Ralph Lauren, worked with the costume director for that very same movie.

Ralph Lauren is the epitome of American fashion, past, present and future (if I have anything to say about it.)
He captures the essence of the American lifestyle that is Polo, but
more than that, his Black Label portrays an aura of confidence every
man and woman adopts when wearing one of his pieces. Read more here

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