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September 14, 2007 • Fashion


Bonnie Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Emilio Pucci was a forerunner for today’s fashions. While well known
today for his vibrant and swirling patterned scarves, in the 1960’s
Pucci was able to capture the jet-set lifestyle the new modern woman
was enjoying. His plan was not only to liberate women but to give them freedom and movement. A part of this freedom came from the colorful and constantly changing patterns he created. His inspiration came from the landscapes of the Mediterranean and other exotic cultures.
Known as the “prince of prints” by the international fashion press,
Pucci ultimately achieved his goal by creating clothing that was
light-weight, wrinkle-free and easy to wear. So easy to wear that
fashion columnist, Diana Vreeland, was quoted as saying “it is like
wearing nothing at all.” Read more here

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