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August 14, 2007 • Fashion


Bonnie Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Long before the radio air waves blasted out Fergie’s anthem of living a glamorous lifestyle and much longer before Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie became the infamous non-celebrity-celebrities they are today, there was a different type of socialite who captured the attentions of the populous.
Like today, these women came from the upper crust of society; their
families were in banking, shipping or the hotel industry and had the
bluest blood in all of America.

Prior to the era when supermodels ruled the world (if in fact they ever did,) the American socialite graced the pages of every fashion magazine,
including Harper’s Bazaar and the forever popular, Vogue. These women
were photographed wearing the most sumptuous clothing imaginable;
whether they were attending the most popular and extravagant parties,
relaxing on their yachts or even having a cup of tea in their very own
home. They were photographed not necessarily because they were
beautiful, but for the sole purpose that they were the only women who
could afford to wear the most fashionable clothing of the time.
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