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April 17, 2007 • Fashion


Stephanie Miller for Second City Style Magazine

Hervé Léger is a master of body sculpting. He has the ability to transform a slight, straight frame into a curvaceous, sensual figure.
A prominent fixture of the 1980s fashion scene, the Léger legacy has
been revisited and reinvented on recent runways. Know for his hand
sewn, bandage style creations, the artist, who now goes by Herve L. Leroux, made a name for himself when he started his own line in 1983.
Four years after the start of his line, Léger began experimenting with
elastic fabrics and found that a mix of Lurex, Lycra, and elasticine
produced a perfect, body hugging material. Léger cut the fabric into to
strips and then wrapped the stretchy material around the body. The
effect was stunning. Léger’s dresses graced the runways and adorned the bodies of 80s glamazons like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.
His dresses were tight and form conscious. But Léger had honed his
technique in such a way that his creations were slenderizing and figure

The bandage approach or rather, the Léger mummy technique, isn’t new. In fact, it’s older than the toga. Read more here

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