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December 22, 2016 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness, Holiday


Listen up! Before one more cookie meets your lips, right now in the middle of the holidays is the best time to take a moment to listen to the advice of Holly Keskey, mind body manager at exhale Gold Coast. I know I certainly needed some fitness reminders and you may, too. These tips are also helpful to stave off the stress of the busy season. That’s how exhale covers both mind and body. There is no need to wait until next year (even one more week) to get fit, when you can get on the right track today.

Here are some helpful tips and moves from Holly to help you stay fit during the Holiday Season. The exercises can be done at home, won’t take up much time and are not dreadful at all.


Holly Keskey


Get yourself moving! During the holidays we spend a lot of time running around, making plans, shopping, traveling with everyone else in mind, but ourselves. Dedicate “me” time daily/weekly. Jump in to class, clear your mind, break a sweat, get your heart rate up, stretch out and let the instructor be your tour guide for the hour. This will spike your metabolism, cleanse your skin, tone your muscles, ease stress, etc.

DRINK UP! For every cocktail, indulgent meal, night out with family and friends…be sure to counter every drink with a glass of good ole’ H2O. This will help with ridding the body of inflammation and dehydration, recovery (if you maybe had one too many), sleep and overall digestion after a big holiday meal. Put down the eggnog and hydrate!


Box Lunge: Sculpt your lower half while working on balance and overall muscle length!

Place one leg forward and the other leg behind you. Bend knees to create 90 degree angels; front knee over ankle/back knee under hip. Keep weight in front heel and back toes to protect connective tissues and knee joints. Do 8 full range (deep bend to full stretch) then do 16 pulses in bent position. Do this twice through on both sides. Want more? Raise the front heel for your final set of pulses. (Grab a chair if you need more support.)


Plank Position

Mountain Climber: Raise your heart rate while sculpting your ENTIRE body.

Find yourself in a high plank position (hands under shoulders, flat spine, pulling navel in and up, straight legs). Alternate knee pulls in towards the chest or to the opposite elbow. Pick up the pace to a ‘run’ to get the full effect. Try 8 sets of 8! You’ll feel the burn in your heart, blast your metabolism, sculpt your core, strengthen your shoulders and postural muscles plus more!

Sphinx/Cobra Stretch and Prone Work

Lie on your stomach with your gaze down towards the floor (lengthened neck). Engage core and glutes to support spine and press your palms in to the floor, under your shoulders, to raise your chest. Start with a soft bend in the elbows and work your way to straight arms. Avoid pinching in the spine with the engagement of core and glutes.

Want a bit of strength work? Reach your arms forward on the floor. On an exhale, engage your core and lift your arms, chest and the entirety of both legs off the floor or mat. Lift all four limbs together in a slow tempo (lift and hold…lift and hold). Try 8 times, rest and repeat. Our ‘core’ is not just in the front of our body. In order for it to protect our spine and uphold a strong posture and balance, we need to work it from all angles. You’ll be standing proud and confident as host to a holiday part after this one!

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– Carol Calacci

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