How To Pack For An Adventure: The Opposite Of Resort Wear

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July 6, 2015 • Get It Now, Magazine

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Let’s face it, lying on a beach with a fruity cocktail is certainly nice – and sometimes necessary. Who doesn’t love a relaxing vacation? But sometimes it’s all about the adventure, so you need the associated gear. That said, you still want to look glamorous and stylish, even if the look is more Lara Croft than Brigitte Bardot. Here’s how you can accomplish that…

Sporty Bikinis: The last thing you want to is to have a wardrobe malfunction while you’re scuba diving or on a jet ski, or participating any other type of activity that may end up being high impact. Something like the Athleta Bali Pura collection in tropical blue and black is excellent for both relaxing on the beach or water skiing, and in fact, most items from Athleta would work for for that! Rash guards and board shorts are also good for covering up in the sun and protecting yourself from wardrobe malfunctions. This black and turquoise Roxy rashguard is a classic and practical option.

Strappy Tanks: There’s something about a tank top with criss cross straps or other feminine details that makes even the most rugged outfit look a little more chic. We like the the North Face Dahlia tank as a base layer for cooler climates and on its own in tropical environments.

Camo Done Right: While we’re not fans of the typical hunter or army style pants and jackets when worn by civilians, these Nike tech pants are just cool, and more interesting than the standard backpacker cargo pants.

Utility Chic: A nylon parachute jacket is a great layering piece for almost all climates (especially in case of rain) and if you get the right one that fits you well, it can be a wardrobe workhorse even when you aren’t traveling. Plus all the pockets will hold small essentials so well , you may not even need a purse. We like this charcoal one by Free People – it’s chic and useful!

Desert Boots: They’re an adventurer classic, and a great way to channel your inner Indiana Jones, plus they are just comfortable in all sorts of situations (and can look cooler than sneakers). These tan ones by Clarks are just about perfect.

Serious Shades: Ray Bans are traditionally chic, and you don’t want to have the sun in your eyes while you’re seeing amazing places! This unisex black pair is ideal for almost any situation.

Overall, you don’t have to completely sacrifice fashion for practicality, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere climbing mountains, exploring ancient ruins or swimming through coral reefs. Do it in style!

1. Athleta Womens Bali Pura Bikini, top $64, bottoms, $49-$54

2. Roxy Sunset Rashguard – Long-Sleeve , $37

3. The North Face Women’s Dahlia Tank, $50

4. Nike X Polar Furry Chino Camo, $70

5. Free People Ripstop Nylon Tech Parachute Jacket (Charcoal), $70.99

6. Clarks Phenia Desert Boot, $110

7. Ray-Ban Unisex Black Sunglasses, $165

–Jacqueline Zenn

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