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October 9, 2007 • Fashion


Who says Marc Jacobs doesn’t have a sense of humor? It started as a fashion feud. In one corner we have The International Herald Tribune legend Suzy Menkes, in other corner designer Marc Jacobs. If you remember Menkes blasted Jacobs for making people wait through a two-hour delay, not to mention a dizzying runway order. Menkes wrote a less
than complimentary reaction in her review of the show. She wrote, “I would like to
murder him with my bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show in
my entire life.” She then commented his collection as “a freak’s costume party.” She later attempted to retract
her statements by explaining that “my British sense of humor fell
flat.” However, the damage was done and some were expecting a fierce showdown at Jacobs’s Louis Vuitton on Sunday evening.

However, according to Fashion Week Daily, this is where the story ends or at least turns lovey-dovey. Jacobs devised a plan to surprise the legendary
writer. He left Menkes a Marc Jacobs T-shirt on her seat, tied up with
an elegant bow. Menkes looked puzzled at first, but
then immediately scooped it up, along with her show program. “I haven’t opened it yet,” was all Menkes would say when
asked what words the shirt bore. Jacobs, however was less enigmatic and said it was a gentle “love letter.”

Source: Fashion Week Daily

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