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Fountain of 30

April 12, 2007 • Accessories

Love London and the Times brings us another funky slide show that has just enough quirk to remind us why British style is so hot. Ring385_156868a Solange’s designs are always brilliant. We love the super-shiny finish of this ring, which is made from white gold and enamel and comes in a lipsticky shade of pink or red. If you aren’t confident enough to make a big statement, a ring is easier to wear than a bold necklace. This could look elegant on someone a bit older who can afford a more expensive piece. Quirky jewellery is a real talking point – lots of our customers say: "I’ve met so many people while wearing this necklace." It’s like having a dog: it makes people stop and talk. Bracelet_156864a Eternal Beau bracelet, £25 (020-7739 9009) This was designed by our friend Mike Grable, who also runs a karaoke night called Hot Breath. We met when he came to one of our exhibitions in the shop. We sell this bracelet in Brick Lane, and it’s a popular design. People come in because they like jewellery with a sense of humour and joke about whether you could actually use it and how it would be a good bracelet to wear on a night out – "Don’t forget your toothbrush, ha-ha, etc". It’s a bright, quirky piece. Brooch_156865a We love anything to do with polka dots and bows, so this is a winner – Sonia Rykiel always gets it right. The coloured crystals make us feel nostalgic. It has such a cute, girly feel that we think it would look great on anyone of any age, so long as they had quite a feminine spirit and attitude. Some men can be scared off by crazy jewellery, but we think they would like the girly thing. It would look nice clipping the hair into a side parting. Lips_156866a Tatty Devine Kiss necklace, £41 (020-7739 9009) Because the plastic is clear, this necklace looks as if someone has planted a big kiss on your neck. There are a lot of lips and kisses in our spring/summer collection – which has a really pop feel, and was loosely based on growing up and being a teenage girl in the Seventies. Putting the perfect kiss on a mirror, sealing love letters … that sort of thing. It would look great with a Seventies or Eighties graphic outfit: something sexy and cheeky. Necklace_156869a Husam El Odeh magnifying glass necklace, £75 at Kabiri (020-7224 1808) This has a real Dadaist feel: an everyday object elevated to the status of adornment. We like the way the designer reappropriates ordinary objects. It looks simple but is probably the most elegant piece. Perhaps the joke is that people’s eyes are drawn to your cleavage. I don’t know whether it would actually magnify it, though. Love the Victorian-explorer element to this necklace. You could team it with tweed for a quirky old-fashioned look. Photos: London Times –Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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