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July 30, 2007 • Fashion


See by Chloe dress

Chloe has won their copyright battle with Topshop, The British fast-fashion retailer agreed to pull more than 1,000 of the dresses remaining in
its stores.

It was also forced to pay Chloe about $24,000 compensation as well as
legal costs after the label claimed the Topshop design was a copy of a $370 dress from its See Cruise collection.

Topshop had already sold a significant number
of the dresses (about 750), which now could become something of a collector’s item. They retailed for about $70 US.


The real deal on the left, Topshop’s version on the right

Just as in the US with the countless cases against Forever 21, this case follows a dearth of law suits against High Street retailers over cheaper copies of designer items.

Looking for a job? Designers are now hiring specialists to check clothing rails in
stores for evidence of counterfeits ripped-off straight from the

Source & Photo: The Daily Mail

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