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July 18, 2007 • Fashion


They just keep on stealing and they just keep getting sued. First it was Diane
von Furstenberg then Anna Sui and now…it’s Gwen Stefani.
Her Harajuku Lovers fashion line is suing Forever 21 for trademark infringement. This time, however, they blatantly copied the logo.

In papers filed in Los Angeles Federal Court, representatives for
Gwen’s Harajuku Lovers claim Forever 21 is marketing, promoting and
selling products featuring a design “virtually indistinguishable” from
Harajuku’s signature heart/box logo.

The lawsuit claims Forever 21 “changed a
couple of words in the Heart/Box Trademark, which are camouflaged and
likely to go unnoticed by a consumer.”

the lawsuit claims Forever 21 used the design but changed the word
“Harajuku” to “Forever” and the word “Lovers” to “Love.”

I know, I wouldn’t buy/wear it either, but it’s the point…right?

Sources: MSNBC & Fashion Week Daily

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