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July 26, 2006 • Fashion

This is where leggings start to concern me. As a byproduct of the 80’s I remember this look the first time around and even pulled it off with a modicum of success (or so I thought). Taken straight from the pages of the Bloomingdale’s cataloge, I hope fashionistas everywhere can see why this look is just plain…bad. Most importantly, leggings in the color gray, white or any other light color are going to make even Kate Moss’s legs look chunky. Don’t even get me started on shinny or striped a la Pipi Longstocking! This is a look one can pull off successfully if you remember this…"Wear BLACK, NAVY, OR DARK BROWN." Period.

From the same cataloge, let’s look at this look done right.

Here we have a Norma Kamali Oversized Shirtdress and Jog Capri Pants with a skinny belt tied Obi style that pulls of the legging look perfectly. The shirtdress looks much better than the puffy skirt above and the leggings are black. This is more modern and not so scary 80’s as in the first photo. Think long clean lines and not too much going on when you try to pull off this style. Nobody wants to look like they stepped out of a John Hugh’s film.

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