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October 19, 2007 • Accessories


You now what chides my hide? Paying a ridiculous amount of money for a bra, not seeing it slip into the wash/dryer…and ruining it. Come on, who hasn’t ruined an expensive bra or three?

I was at a taping of Stacy London’s new TV show "Fashionably Late" last night (which debuts in November…more on that when it gets a little closer). One of her guests was from SkyMall. You know that cataloge that has all those useful and not so useful gadgets and toys in your seat pocket on the plane? Anyway, last night we were introduced to a gizmo called "BraBABY™." It’s one of those ingenious "why didn’t I think of that?" novelties. The kind you know a housewife invented and is now laughing all the way to the bank and enjoying pina coladas on a beach somewhere with her now retired 42 year-old husband. I digress.

You stick your dirty $75+ dollar breast investment in the round plastic toy looking apparatus and toss it in the wash and dryer with your other clothes! No more waiting for your favorite bra to dry! How great is that? Because, let’s face it….when you realize you want that particular bra…it’s about 2 hours before you need to wear it and it’s in the hamper. Viola!


BraBABY™ As Easy As 1, 2, 3 !
1. Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the end of the inner shell.
2. Then – Tuck the straps inside the shell
3. And snap the outer shell around the bra!

its unique flow-through design, the BraBABY™ allows water to gently
clean your delicates… While it protects them from the agitator and from
the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. BraBABY™ is dryer
safe. So you can baby your bras right from the washer to the dryer!

Get your 2 for $19.95 BraBABY™ at SkyMall (they also take Paypal!)

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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