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April 20, 2015 • Magazine, Male Box


Normally at this time of year in New York, I would be feeling beaten down by the cold and damp, with only the occasional snow drop peeking through the ice to brighten my day. Springtime in California, however, is another story entirely. Although it has been warm – and dry – here, the talk around town has been about nothing but the far reaching effects of the drought. Being fashion minded, I can’t help but take all this talk of water, or, rather, the lack thereof to heart. What better way to express my concern than a lighthearted look at this season’s impermeables? After all, nothing says early spring like a great trench coat.

Why leave it to a chance encounter with an intrepid blossom to brighten your day? Why not bring your own cheer with you? RED Valentino’s polka dot trench coat will surely bring a smile to your face and how could you not feel as young as springtime – and twice as fresh – in the full circle skirt? You’ll want to spin around in circles and throw your beret in the air, on even the gloomiest of spring days.

Animal prints have become as much a spring season staple as floral in recent years. Even this most classic shape of raincoat can be fashion forward in the right print. This Marc Jacobs leopard print silk trench coat is the perfect example of this updated classic. The epaulets square the shoulders off giving it just the right amount of military chic, but the clean, no vent back lengthens the silhouette.

If random spots aren’t your cup of tea, then perhaps I might interest you in python. Diane Von Furstenberg’s python print trench coat is as “basic” as animal print comes. The verticality of the print lengthens the line making you appear taller and the simplicity of black-and-white make it an easy fit into any wardrobe. Could the python coat be your new rainy day LBD?

How, you ask by now, could I do a piece on trench coats and not mention Burberry? Of course, I’ve picked the best of the best for you, dear reader. Yes, you could pull out your classic Burberry tan trench with the plaid lining, but why not “invest” in actual Burmese python? I say “invest” because it’s ten times the cost of your “average” designer coat, but worth every penny. Burberry’s python trench coat is embellished with paillettes to add that extra bit of glamour to this deadly design. Channel your inner assassin and  think Uma Thurman’s Black Mamba when you wear this and slay your fashion enemies in the streets.

If I’m boring with you my talk of “simple” and “basic”, have no fear. I’ve saved the best for last. Over the weekend, old friends from New York and I were reminiscing about some of Rubin Singer’s early fashion shows in private homes. How thrilled was I to research this piece and find a magnificent example of his master craftsmanship in a trench coat. Known the world over for his show stopping evening – and bridal – designs, his luxury aesthetic and design mastery translate so easily to this wardrobe staple. Singer’s ocelot print foiled cotton trench coat features an oversize point collar and an asymmetric hemline to the paneled skirt. The low sweep of the neckline in the back is reminiscent of classic 1950s Haute Couture. Babe Paley may have worn Dior HC for lunch at La Grenouille and only Charles James for an “event”, but I have no doubt that were she alive today, she would champion – as I do – this ever rising star of the new guard.

I hope I’ve brought a bit of hope to an otherwise dreary end to a brutal winter, or at least a bit of levity to my readers in warmer climates. Spring is upon us, my friends. Time to lighten up our hearts – and wardrobes – and embrace the new fashion season!

1. RED Valentino Polka-Dot Belted Trench Coat, $1,495

2. Marc Jacobs Leopard-Print Silk Trenchcoat, $1,900

3. Diane von Furstenberg Belted Python Trench Coat, $598

4. Burberry London Embellished Python Trench Coat in Black, $15,500

5. Rubin Singer Ocelot-Print Foiled Cotton Trench Coat in Gold, $2,995

– Joseph Ungoco

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