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October 19, 2007 • Fashion


Second City Style is proud to present our new column from a male perspective…Male Box by Thomas Kikis. Now worries, Thomas is covering women’s fashion, but from a man’s point a view because let’s face it…don’t we want to know what men are really
thinking? Tom tells it like it is.

Thomas Kikis for Second City Style Fashion Magazine

After a night of being my sister’s +1 to yet another Fashion Week
after-party, we knew it was time (3 am) to go home. With the party
location just blocks away from my apartment, she decided to stay over.

The next morning she woke up and paced around my room trying to figure out what she could possibly wear to work that day.
Since we were with her coworkers the night before, the outfit she had
wasn’t an option. Besides, the VP of finance was coming in for a
meeting – her high-waisted DVF shorts weren’t going to make the cut. At
8:28 am Saks was definitely not open. I wondered if the deli downstairs
had been hiding a size 2 dress behind the counter that she could
possibly borrow…

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