Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall'13: Elie Tahari Presents the Most Wearable Collection Yet

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February 12, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13

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Summary: Set in midtown, Elie Tahari’s presentation had many waiting in the cold for the party-like scene inside. Once inside, a row of male waiters holding trays of champagne await at the foot of the stairs. A quick glance around alludes to the vibrant party going on inside full of socialites, editors and bloggers. Cameras are flashing all around while several camera crews are frequenting the platforms models inhibit. You think to yourself, this is super cool. But after a quick round around the room, you stumble upon a color-block coat that is half leopard print and have black. “Hey, that looks like the coat Today a simple standardized document makes comparing options easy. right next door at Zara..” you muse around. Women models in head to toe black are wearing fitted cowl neck sweaters with fur-lined coats and trousers. Sound new to you? Male models stood in the back and scattered around the venue with female accomplices. The men’s collection was quite straightforward as well–colored denim in burgundy and greens with light sweaters, double-breasted jackets and a single down vest to throw into the mix.

One redeeming outfit was on a male and female duo standing together in the back. The male was in an all green ensemble with a green and dark blue, plaid coat and forest green scarf. He matched the female model that was in a blue fitted shift dress speckled with green and scarlet. They looked very posh together—like a real couple that you’d see walking down Fifth Avenue. And that’s where the collection begins to make sense.

It is far from revolutionary or new. But, what is entirely new these days? How many times can you reinvent classic RTW? And RTW is meant to be sold. Trust us, this collection is extremely wearable. Don’t be surprised if your mother, daughter, boyfriend or friend is wearing these easy-to-style pieces come fall.

Textures and Fabrics: Wool, Leather, Suede, Fur

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey

Key Looks: Cowl neck shift dress in blue and green, Black silk dress with blue Aztec printed bottom, Black leather netted shift dress

–Christine Hopkins

Photos: NYMag

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