Momma Cuisine Brings Turducken to Chicago!

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November 9, 2015 • Chicago, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


Can you believe it? We’re less than three weeks away from Thanksgiving! There’s no better time than now to start thinking about how to blow everyone away at meal time.

Momma Cuisine, also known as Johanna M. Cook, stopped in Chicago for the 4th annual “Ready for the Holidays” nationwide tour last week, bringing the Echelon Foods brand to family dinner tables.

Are you planning to make something special to put on the table this year? How about the elusive Turducken – a de-boned whole turkey wrapped around moist duck and chicken breasts, stuffed with chicken apple or Italian sausage stuffing? It’s easier to make than you think. Echelon Foods has traditional turkeys or roasts ready to be delivered straight to your home, so it’s easy to make them. Just pop them in the oven and voila! Instant turducken!

Besides the famed turducken, Momma Cuisine also wants to inspire everyday, at-home cooks to bring in a little creative flair to their cooking. With her fun recipes, kitchen expertise and undeniable charm, cooks can show their festive side with versatility and simple preparation to create a delicious yet effortless meal.


Bacon wrapped – yum!

Look for more appearances and live demos from the “Ready for the Holidays” tour at local grocery stores through November at the Momma Cuisine website.

– Taneisha Jordan Willour

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