New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Tony Francesc’s Industrial Revolution.

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February 16, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Fall '10

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Summary: If some of the designers were flirting with a futuristic theme for their fall '10 collections, then Tony Francesc was involved in a full-on post-apocalyptic relationship. His fall runway show, entitled "Artificial Life",  served as a sort of social commentary of society as we know it in terms of mass industrialization, consumer-driven technology, and the subsequent lack of interpersonal relationships. Pretty heavy stuff for a ten minute runway show. In his statement about the collection, Francesc noted, "Man feels empty inside and his lack of identity makes him unhappy with himself, which means that he treads warily within this decadent and industrial environment." Though dark and foreboding, Frances's message was also inherently poetic, which could be seen in the construction of his pieces.

Many of the pieces possessed a masculine quality,  more so than the typical menswear-ish cues taken by other labels. Francesc's clothes seemed to be somewhat androgynous, as if he was dressing for the human of the future, as opposed to the woman or man. Sharp angles were apparent, especially in the shoulder and around the hips which created an almost robot-like uniform. The colors were minimal and reminiscent of alloyed metals and machine parts, keeping in theme with Francesc's overly industrialized world. Even the accessories, clutches and briefcases, were covered bizarrely in an electronic facade with circuit and wires, like the exposed interior of a computer. Many of the pieces were beautiful—the shading and texture of the gowns, the precise cut of a jacket, and the watercolored layers of a ruffled skirt—but ultimately, Francesc's message was displayed in such an overt way that it only seemed to distract from the actual clothing. 

Color Palette: black, grey gunmetal, bronze, aluminum, slate, gravel, rust, copper, wispy pink, silver, putty

Fabrics and Textures: cotton, viscose and silk

Key Looks: Ombre navy gown with pointed shoulders, two-tiered printed zip skirt, black jacket with pointed shoulders, short-sleeved peacoat dress with black gloves

-Alia Rajput

Photos: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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