New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Tory Burch’s Gallery Archetype.

Fountain of 30

February 17, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Fall '10

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Summary: Tory Burch was fueled by her love of the global art scene in creating her fall '10 collection. She sought out ways to outfit the gallery-loving girl, no matter where she hailed from or what her taste was. And as a result, Burch achieved a collection that was as bold and eclectic as the venues that inspired her. She seemed to step outside her comfort zone and choose a much more vibrant palette, bright oranges, reds and blues that could be clearly seen across the packed room of her presentation. The line boasted an eclectic mix of both statement pieces—a chainmail-like tunic, feathered skirts and a red and black sequined dress—to her signature stash of separates—a tweed skirt suit, bespangled cardigans, and richly tailored trousers. She even pushed the envelope a bit with several see through mesh tops, one of which came in a black, plastic-y material and was worn with nothing underneath! Be bold Tory! Burch seemed to have a lot fun in both the creation and the styling of this collection, paying homage to the quirky and eccentric tastes that most art lovers are known to have. The breadth of the collection was indeed impressive and you could truly see donning the ladylike camel trench for a trip to the Louvre, a beaded-sleeved dress for cocktail hour at the Guggenheim or skintight, paint-splattered pants and a graphic tee for an Andy Warhol exhibit right there in New York.

Color Palette: camel, black, cream, chocolate brown, powder blue, navy, silver, gold, bronze, splatter paint print, red, olive green, grey, putty, hunter green, wheat, white, orange, purple

Fabrics and Textures: knit, tweed, wool, fur, chiffon, denim, cotton, felt, leather, suede, maribou feather, shearling, angora, velveteen, synthetic, sequined, embellished, beaded, fur-trimmed, lace-up, crochet, mesh

Key Looks: Black, white, and brown metallic tweed suit, see-through black synthetic overlay, purple cable knit cardigan and lavender feathered mini skirt, blue ombre wool overcoat, fur-trimmed military coat, red and black striped dress with beaded sleeves, splatter paint leggings

-Alia Rajput

Photos: NY Mag

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