New York Fashion Week Spring ’14 – Sally LaPointe And The Other Side Of Florals

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September 23, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Spring '14

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What better way than to conceive a collection than by watching flowers die? That was the concept for Sally LaPointe’s Spring/Summer 2014 ready-to-wear show.

“Inspiration for the collection came from a board that Sally covered with fresh flowers from a corner deli,” said key makeup artist Kabuki about the Spring/Summer 2014 line. “Sally documented the changing colors colors and textures as they slowly became dried flowers. I wanted the makeup to interpret these themes of intimacy, fragility and transition.”

Creating a mood board of the dying flowers, she photographed the board every day and made those photos prints. That is where the story of “coming to life” comes into play. Soft organza mixed with hard leathers made their way down a lacquered black catwalk. Finished with sleek hair and a wash of color on the lids, the colors of the pieces became the life of the story.

I appreciate the new turn that LaPointe has taken. She has gone from testing the fashion waters on a dangerous ledge, sometimes veering into gothic costumes to collections that have more of a definitive meaning and more direction than to appear tough. It shows her growth as a designer that she is growing in a direction like this, without becoming commercial. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the croc-embossed leather harness necklaces and pointed-toe pumps (as you could tell from my Instagram pictures), this was necessary. It seems that LaPointe had to put that hard edge into the collection and settled with the accessories. Great for Fall, but winter seemed to be a bit too much for the airiness of the organza to handle.

I do enjoy this take on Spring. During this season, designers usually refer to bright florals but this is taking that same idea and moving in the opposite direction. It still represent the same rejuvenation and light that Spring represents, but from a darker perspective. Every season, I have grown to see her as more of a designer than she seems to get the credit for. Hopefully, this changes soon.

-Taneisha Jordan

Images: NY Mag

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