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July 16, 2007 • Fashion


Now that I habitate in New York, I have to concur that the dress is the answer to the dog days of summer. Don’t these women look better than two summers ago when they would have been in either long prairie skirts or shorts. Hurrah for the dress!

"IN the mid ’50s Balenciaga and Givenchy launched the chemise, a sharp contrast to Dior’s cinched waist and immediately nicknamed the sack by satirists. Now the sack is back, along with other roomy body-hiding shapes from the 1950s through the ’60s. The baby dress, balloon, the trapeze and the tent all have one thing in common: a looseness that allows for the circulation of air between cloth and body, nonconstricting comfort for hot, humid summer days."  – Bill Cunningham, NYTimes

Source: NYTimes

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