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Fountain of 30

September 8, 2007 • Fashion Shows

straying far from the familiar silhouettes and styles seen on the Fall/Winter ’08  runway, Costello Tagliapietra embraces a 20’s aesthetic with jewel tones and shimmering shades of grays but passes on the bulky, geometric deco-inspired accessories to keep the look refined and chic. Silky, draping fabric neither clings to the body nor relies on its own structure to maintain its shape. Like the pretty bows that gather in front or alongside of simple skirts, the fabric story is about fluidity. Legs are nude or sheer black, much like the well-heeled but soft-looking shoes that accompany the fluttering fabric down the runway. Hemlines are lady-like and demure, always stopping at or below the knee and pants are part of the elongated and statuesque shadow cast by the collection.

Photos: Wireimage

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