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September 10, 2007 • Fashion Shows

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After reading Cathy Horyn’s review this morning, I was looking forward to reviewing this collection. I envisioned a catchy title like "Ode to the Grecian Turn," and a collection of elegant, wearable (something very Vera) and pretty. And while some of these pieces do meet my expectations I fear that Wang has been spending too much time on her collections for Kohl’s and not enough time thinking about her Spring ’08 collection.

In line with the shine that defined last spring’s (’07) fabric story, she’s in sync with designers who have thus far been elaborating on that tale. Oddly, though, she takes a strange turn from some of the beautiful Romanesque silhouettes (from smocks with cute sleeves that flutter and flirt as they come down the runway to clean, draping asymmetric tunic-style blouses and dresses) to frumpy layered ensembles too heavy for spring and in no way pleasing to the eye. Usually a lack of structure or fluidity is produces an effect that highlights the fabric choice or an element of the female body but her collection missed the chance to do either. Conclusion: Shiny doesn’t equal success.

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