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September 10, 2007 • Fashion Shows

3.1 Phillip Lim isn’t known for being the razzle-dazzle darling. Instead he prefers a more subtle affectation that could easily be mislabeled an uninteresting. Well, each piece certainly holds my interest; sweet ruffle details march alongside flowing gowns that still flatter the figure and per usual wonderful jackets in just about every style that manage to be fitted without looking dated or stuffy.

What’s missing from his spring collection is a strong narrative.Don’t misunderstand—it could be a story that’s a bit bipolar, have conflicting characters and interests or even be told from the viewpoint of multiple personalities (which seem to be the tale of many designers this week) — but there has to be one and while he gets an "A" for the development of individual characters the plot leaves much to be desired. 


  Photos: Wireimage

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