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September 11, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08

There’s no need for hyperbole and no need to embellish — that’s the underlying theme of Calvin Klein’s Spring ’08 collection. Calvin Klein’s Costa did what he does best: simple, chic and elegant. Costa took his spring collection down to the bone and really mined minimalism without looking lazy or dated. Pale, cool tones dominated the collection with a reliance on neutral shades of beige, gray, silver and to compliment and support bolder shades of icy blue and even a shamrock green.

Hemlines were ankle-length emphasizing the billowing, beautiful fabric that simply glowed. Necklines were either a short V or right at the neckline, showing less skin and emphasizing the silhouette created by the shimmering silks and satins.

The only accessory was a great pair of shades, outlined in white with sheer lenses — contemporary, clean and not afraid to reveal what lies beneath: the epitome of Costa’s collection.


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