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September 12, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08

Summary: I am hardly impressed by front row celebs (designers are another story). In fact, I usually find the whole photographer chase and lightbulb display quite a spectacle, however, even I was a little excited when I saw Lisa Marie Presley walk by. About the show…I usually like Marc Bouwer, but this show was a little out there for my sensibilities. "Le Voyage Vert" as the show was called, was a ‘juxtaposition of geometric edges and flowing organicism’ in shades of rain forest foliage, accented by natural color elements (like tree bark, turquoise stone and sea coral). There were sequins galore and a caped cocoon dress that kept making an appearance in various colors that was very figure unflattering. There were a few gowns that were quite exquisitely draped, however and a slate disk gown that was stunning. The model’s hair was pulled into a tightly twisted bun atop the head that contorted their faces and looked quite painful. In the end, the show looked very L.A. which means it will probably be a smashing success on the West Coast.

Color Palette: white, silver, chartreuse, green, apple, moss, red, aqua, saffron, purple, turquoise, true turquoise, azure, brown, copper, black

Textures & Details: cotton jersey, satin, chiffon, organza, crepe, bamboo jersey, silk jersey, tattering (looks like feathers), sequins, beading,   

Key Looks: black and white race-striped halter bathing suit; studded, dotted disc asymmetrical shift; leaf print double-strapped patio maxi; moss ombre empire capped sleeve gown; apple crepe circular-sleeved empire belted gown; chartreuse silk jersey bikini top gown








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