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September 12, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08

Summary: For sheer entertainment, Betsey Johnson sure knows how to put on a (fashion) show.
The invitation to the show featured her own prom-night photo from 1958. The front row was lined with four-top round tables (one of which Tori Spelling graced) and the stage was set with a disco ball. The scene? The Prom. First down the runway were styles reminiscent of the 50’s. Each model catwalked halfway down the runway with her prom date dressed in a tux. These were not normal black tuxes, but Betsey Johnson’s version in colors like powder blue and turquoise. Next came styles from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s ending with styles for today. The show primarily consisted of petticoated party dresses sprinkled with wedding cake type decorations. There were a few daywear pieces, but they were mostly bloomers and shortsuits. The show closed with patriotic colored clothing and 4 models pretending to strip tease each with a letter on her back spelling "V-O-T-E." Was it wearable? Not for me as I have not been to a prom (or sockhop) in a long time, but I would wager that many will be toned down for the stores. The show sure was memorable. Especially when Betsey came out to perform her famed cartwheels down the runway.

Color Palette: white, butter, yellow, light pink, bright pink, fuchsia, lilac, pearl grey, powder blue, blue, lime, aqua, red, gold, black

Textures & Details: crinoline, tulle, satin, sparkle, lace, lame, polka dots, gingham, tutus, bows, shortsuits, prom dresses

Key Looks: starlight shimmer strapless dress; butter bow boufant dress; polka dot peony prom dress; polka dottie hottie; "Karen Carpenter" glitter gown; "Pretty in Pink" dress; bubble gum beauty; one sided wonder dress; gingham get up; Pinup Parade shortsuit








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