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September 12, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Anne Klein and while there are parts of this collection that make me smile and ignite interest her seeming fascination with lines didn’t make the cut.

The first dress — an icy bright turquoise blue ensemble with an underlying floral pattern won me over immediately, as did the sparkling silver ensemble that follows. Her floral patterns radiate fun, happiness and the spontaneity associated with spring. The turquoise theme was upbeat was a great foundation for the colors that played supporting roles like yellow, green and red. To those ends, I say bravo.

However, the accompanying obsession with various stripes was less appealing. The palette certainly suited the fall season a bit more with its black, almost olive green brown hue and khaki foundation. And the stripes just didn’t work, even in a playfully oppositional way, with the brighter creations. I’ll stick my typical refrain and just say that the narrative wasn’t working — it just didn’t come together as a satisfying story.

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